Atomic Muay Thai

It’s a fact that most fights start standing up. Our Kids and Adult Muay Thai program consists of combinational pad work that will build and sharpen your striking skills. These skills will not only help you hold your own in a street fight, but it will also help you recognize and quickly analyze any strikes being thrown at you!

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Learning these skills give you confidence in a stand up fight but when the fight goes to the ground you’ll then be able to deploy Jiu-Jitsu techniques to win the fight from there. On top of that, it will give you a work out like you’ve never had before! This program is included for free when signing up for any of our Jiu-Jitsu memberships!

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Our lineage is like our jiu-jitsu, straight forward.

Grandmaster Helio Gracie > Master Royler Gracie > Master Cleber Luciano > Professor Adrian Trevino

Atomic Jiu Jitsu

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