The atomic family album

This is our Atomic family album.  We’re deeply rooted as family and friends and we wanted to share with you the great historic moments we’ve had together over the years!  We’ve accumulated many amazing experiences and look forward to creating more experiences and memories with our current and future teammates for many years to come!  Hope you enjoy 🙂    (More to come soon…)

September 11, 2020: Master Cleber Luciano flew in from California to conduct his first ever belt test in Texas in Szucceed and Christina's home garage. He also held seminars for the kids and adults. It was an historic moment and a night to remember!
The Four Cornerstones of Atomic Jiu-Jitsu! 🙂
Purple Belt Promo 1
September 12, 2020: Belt Promotions at Cooper MMA by Master Cleber Luciano.
Adrian and Szucceed killing each other in MMA Sparring...
Adrian and Szucceed making up after trying to kill each other 🙂
Christina an Wendi Rolling
Wendi and Christina about to kill each other while Rhonda waits to take the winner!
Christina an Wendi Rolling 2
Connor trying to stop his nose from bleeding 🙂
Szucceed Gold Medal Blue
That gold medal looks heavy.
Adrian and Travis
Adrian 100% kill mode while Travis talks to him about the arugula in his new backyard garden 🙂
Alexander wins Gold!
Adrian coaches while Szucceed hunts...
Adrian Gold Medal
Adrian takes home the Gold!!!
Szucceed Tournament 2
Szucceed working on winning that gold medal in a final match against a tough competitor!
Szucceed and Rasanie Tournament Small
Szucceed takes home the Gold and Rasanie wins silver!
Wendi and Adrian kissing Alexander
Congratulations Alexander!!!
Szucceed Compete Kimura
Szucceed's got him right where he wants him!
Master Cleber doing his thing...winning!
Cleber MMA
Master Cleber doing his thing...winning!
Cleber and Helio Small
Master Cleber with THE Grand Master Helio Gracie!
Master Cleber and Grand Master Rorion Gracie
Look at these kiddos...they have been training together for years!
The Lineage
The Lineage: Royler Gracie, Cleber Luciano, Adrian Trevino